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year in review

just kidding. how about the last several days in review. thursday night my husband and his youngest sister and i headed down to va. we stopped in at a&e’s to meet their newest addition (r’s not even a month old yet). … Continue reading

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read this second

this is where i tell you that cycle 4 didn’t end the way we hoped. but it has ended nonetheless. we’ve known for a few days now. since saturday for sure. and probably since friday if we’re being honest with … Continue reading

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read this first

i called the fc this morning to ask if i can stop by tomorrow to get a “receipt” for all we have paid to them this year. it’s gonna be a big number. i wished amy a “happy boxing day,” and she had no idea … Continue reading

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this or that

avril lavigne said it this way: You’re not alone Together we stand I’ll be by your side, you know I’ll take your hand When it gets cold And it feels like the end There’s no place to go You know … Continue reading

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a happy accident

my aunt’s phone called me from somewhere inside her purse last night. i said “hello” a few times and hung up. then she called me back for real to ask if i had called her or if she her phone … Continue reading

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give your post a title

last wednesday, i finally admitted to the fc (dr. o, in fact) that for the past couple of ivf cycles, i’ve been nursing a paranoia that the fc was going to kick us out of the shared risk program. you’ve … Continue reading

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this story must be told, part 2

i remember the day that bro sumaya “acted out” clearly. i even remember that he was wearing green swimming trunks. (is “swimming trunks” as a way to describe what men wear when they swim totally outdated?) what i don’t remember are the details … Continue reading

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