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happy birthday to me

this is all more fun than it might appear. Advertisements

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one sentence about obsession

one day, after i really am pregnant and am all the way through the first trimester (that’s how long you wait until you tell the general blogosphere, right), i will sit down and blog a list of all the versions … Continue reading

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something to warm the heart

[i try not to talk about my job on this blog.  it’s just not a good idea, you know.  at least not specifics.]  but just so you can picture me, i will tell you that i’m on a conference call.  … Continue reading

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i’m basically addicted to black licorice these days.  not super addicted.  just mildly, but still.  i blame my husband for bringing home bags of twizzlers bites every time he goes to the store (let’s all be thankful that he doesn’t … Continue reading

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addenda – in bullet form

i have concluded that the deer was freshly dead, as evidenced by the drips and drops of blood now staining my garage floor (some 80+ miles from the “crash site”). i also have concluded that dead deer is sticky (clingy?), as … Continue reading

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one sentence about facebook

me no likey, except for my brother’s bullets and my other siblings’/relatives’/tiffany’s periodic witty statuses, but that’s not much to like and does not outweigh the no likey so i’ll need to find another way to see pictures of my lovely nieces … Continue reading

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one sentence about my job

although i can’t really speak from experience because i do not yet have kids of my own, i still maintain a deep-seated, let’s call it visceral, conviction that being a stay-at-home mom is more gratifying and fulfilling and less frustrating … Continue reading

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