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3 years ago today…

i rode my bike down a hill, hit the brakes wrong and ended up i looking like this. after KC and EH used some gauze to mop up some blood and before the stitches. i have a post-stitches picture somewhere. … Continue reading

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sound and fury, signifying nothing

i’m still working, ya’ll. (or is it y’all?) as in, i am not furloughed. the federal government is open and operating. barack and john and harry shook hands before the clock struck midnight. and today i work. like nothing ever … Continue reading

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dear brain,

i sure love you. i do. you’ve done so much for me over the years. remember those 10 spelling bees i won? i credit you for each and every one of them. all those phone numbers and dates you’ve got … Continue reading

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dear wintry weather,

some people don’t like you at all. ever. i’m not one of those people. however. today? on april 1st? did you really have to go there? i’m not down with april fools day jokes. it’s too obvious, too predictable, to … Continue reading

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