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4w5d – Sept 30

Let’s get the report on symptoms, or lack of them, out of the way. No physical signs of being pregnant. I suppose it’s normal to think that once you know you’re pregnant, you should be able to tell. I also … Continue reading

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today is the last day of the fiscal year for the federal government. fy2017 starts tomorrow. my staff and i are mind-boggled at how suddenly 2016 disappeared.   i just erased a few paragraphs of complaint about upcoming performance evaluations … Continue reading

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4w4d – Sept 29

My husband got after me for scratching at the injection-site monstrosities that are my butt cheeks these days. The itching is like nothing I can describe. So irresistible. Not that that is the right word at all. I told him … Continue reading

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4w3d – Sept 28

I drove to DC today. It’s Wednesday, currently the day of my long commute. It’s easy not to “act” pregnant around people. But it’s fun to know that I am, and others don’t know. Part of the protocol is progesterone … Continue reading

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sept 27 2016: after work

We went to the swings again today. This time the playground was a bit crowded. Four 8-yr-old-ish boys were climbing all over the slides with their swords and otter pops. A little girl was on the swing we usually use. … Continue reading

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I’m Pregnant Day 1: 4w2d

My blood test was at 8:15 am. And then I waited. Wrote and waited. My phone rang at 12:59 pm. I saw Fertility Center on the caller ID. This is it. I answered. It was Michele. And I knew. I … Continue reading

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falling for fall

I love Autumn. The weather. The colors on the trees and in the sky. The crunch of leaves under feet. The sound of leaves skittering down the streets and sidewalks. The pumpkins. The gourds. Fall treats. Sweaters. Cardigans. Football. School … Continue reading

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