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15 months

my daughter marked 15 months on earth on Sunday. and on Tuesday we took her to the pediatrician for shots and stats. the stats are these: 17 lbs 11 oz and 29 1/8 inches. small but mighty as they say. … Continue reading

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March 9 2018

Today my son has been 4 for a whole month. Dude. Today my daughter decided that she could sit up on her own whenever she pleases. She is not a prisoner to being horizontal anymore. And she’s got her army … Continue reading

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i’m doing something right, right?

One of our smoke alarms has started chirping. New batteries for all are in order. After the chirping and discussion about new batteries and out of my earshot, our son asked his father something and got some kind of response … Continue reading

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June 30 2003

It was a Monday. I know it was a Monday not because of my super-human calendar skills but because it was my first day of work at the Office of Historical Trust Accounting. Today is my last day at OHTA. … Continue reading

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mark it down

It only took us until December 19 to get the pumpkins from Halloween off of our front porch. We are clearly not keeping up with the Joneses around these parts.

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What it’s like

I went back to work after giving birth to my second child a little over three months ago. About a week later a good friend of mine asked me if I would like to write an article for her about … Continue reading

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Hospital Highlights 1991

The scariest part of my hospital stay happened when they brought me back to my room after the surgery. It’s another thing I don’t remember. But my mom wrote a poem about it. Read it here. I actually walked with … Continue reading

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