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in my humble opinion

adele’s 21 album is not going to make you feel better if you’re down in the dumps about something. even if that something is not related in any way to a bad break-up. trust me, you’ll feel like crying over your … Continue reading

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the short commute

i am in dc again after working from home for more than 2 full weeks of business days. set aside for the moment the fact that i am 2.5 hours (in perfect conditions) away from home and slept on an … Continue reading

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dear humidity,

i am something other than happy to see you again. you make me want to cut my hair off. or always have it up in a bun or ponytail. and you make my skin sticky. and you make it very … Continue reading

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the mondays

i have zero motivation to do anything today. zero. nothing. sure, i’m unmotivated about work. but i can’t even think of something else i’d rather be doing. maybe sleeping. a nap might be good right about now. it’s not good. … Continue reading

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dinner tonight was lemon basil chicken breasts (using a marinade in the cookbook my lil sister gave us as a wedding gift) and roasted carrots. simple. fast. amazingly delicious. do you want the recipes?

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my kind of diy

1. go to lowe’s. 2. buy a new toilet seat. the slam-proof kind. 3. drive home. 4. remove old toilet seat. (this step will be harder than you expect because the old toilet seat turns out to be practically cemented on.) … Continue reading

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raise your hand if

you’ve ever wanted to be in elementary school again just for a chance to play heads up seven up. you think that since i work from home it means i don’t really “work.” you are secretly watching the bachelorette with … Continue reading

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