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simple pleasures

ritz crackers with that yummy cabot aged white cheddar cheese that you can get from costco. jude law in the holiday. he has never been so attractive. but don’t take my endorsement of his appearance as a sign of any … Continue reading

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i’m basically over words with friends. there. i said it. and i feel so much better. i have 5 games going right now. and all of my opponents are awaiting my play. surely, they’re not getting impatient. at least i … Continue reading

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my birthday was better than yours

not that it’s a contest, but i’m pretty sure i’d win if it was. so nanner nanner. first things first. (just to get it out of the way so i can focus on the meaty stuff.) i got my hair cut and styled on my birthday. … Continue reading

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ethically speaking

i am employed by the federal government. (keep your groans – or your jokes about your tax dollars – to yourself. it’s a job, okay. and i’m thankful to have one.) i’m sure that all employers have a set of … Continue reading

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joy of the season

festivities in the front hall and in the basement we’ve started testing new wall colors.

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apparently when i answer the phone i sound like an answering machine. i can’t even tell you the number of times my hello is greeted with silence on the other end while the caller waits for the rest of the “wait for the … Continue reading

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dear december,

welcome. i’m so glad you’re here. you’re, like, a super awesome month, yo. and let me tell you why. my birthday comes but once a year, and december, you’re the lucky month Christmas, of course time with family because of … Continue reading

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