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received an email this morning reminding me that as a federal civilian employee, i am prohibited from engaging in “political activity” while on duty. political activity includes, among several other things, “posting a comment to a blog or social media, … Continue reading

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everybody poops

i rang in y2k in taichung, taiwan. i graduated from college on december 17, 1999, spent Christmas at home with family, and was in taiwan before the new year dawned. an aside: this post might be tmi for everybody. as … Continue reading

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get it through my thick skull

no two ivf cycles are the same. and the differences don’t necessarily mean a hill of beans. perhaps it’s obvious to everyone else. but the idea has taken some time to sink in for me. after all, the hormones i’m … Continue reading

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guilt by association

the day will come (though only Heaven knows when it will be) when i will no longer be making my long commute. it is just not possible that i will be driving from lanco to dc and back on a nearly weekly … Continue reading

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her name was lola

(this is not about my sister.) i went through a phase during my single years where i thought it very important to befriend the interns. after all, they were in nova for just a few months and could easily have been … Continue reading

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i’m only going to say this once

so pay attention. ivf cycle attempt #3 did not result in a pregnancy. and i’m sad about it. the end. at this moment, i desperately want time to stop. desperately. at this moment, i do not want to deal with … Continue reading

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come on

look, sometimes a girl has to take certain sundries with her to the bathroom. just let that concept soak in for a bit. the bathrooms here at the office don’t have trash receptacles in the stalls. do you have any … Continue reading

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