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blondies, but not the kind you eat

take this. and this. send it to my brother and ask, pretty please, for him to see what he can do. and voila.  world’s coolest engagement photo for insertion into our wedding announcement/invitation. yes, i’m wearing an eye patch.  yes, … Continue reading

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no butter, please

best movie theater treat ever.  ever.  hands down.  try it.  you’ll see. also, “knight and day” was not the worst movie ever.  enjoyed it a lot more than i expected to.

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lost in the details

i loved my photographer (you should know that i haven’t posted some of the very best pictures she took because i’m not quite on board yet with posting pictures of other people on my blog, yo, so you have to … Continue reading

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two things

One.  I haven’t been capitalizing words in my posts.  Just want you all out there to know I know how.  It is language too strong to say that my practice of going capital-less (something I very often do outside the … Continue reading

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annual check-up

there’s a reason i don’t have a scale in my house.  it’s probably because that red needle will never be stopping anywhere near there when i’m on the scale.  and i don’t exactly want to know where it is gonna stop these … Continue reading

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no really, try not to be jealous

what a house like this is doing in lancaster county i might never know.  click on the picture and check out the floorplan.  spend some time looking at the floorplan to get a sense of what’s there, realizing that you … Continue reading

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try not to be jealous

husband dearest isn’t working today, so we’re going to spend the day doing this: 2010 Central PA Parade of Homes.  i’m super excited.  love going through new homes and oohing and ahhing at all the amenities i will likely never get … Continue reading

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