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the dish

i am the girl with the blonde hair and thick glasses. something my mom didn’t realize, ps. but true nonetheless. makes me wonder if anyone in my family remembers the story. since i don’t. here’s what i can tell you. … Continue reading

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like a fish needs a bicycle

the story goes something like this. okay, you caught me. i actually don’t know how the story goes. not really. the only part i know for sure is the punch line. and doesn’t starting with the punch line guarantee a lame story? but i’m doin’ … Continue reading

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this time

i was a missionary for my church again. in china somewhere. and lo and behold, some of my very favorite people from the congregation in taiwan (where i taught english back in the day) were living in this place in china … Continue reading

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full circle

we might do one more water test just to be sure, but let’s be honest. our basement has a leak. and the time has come to admit that we have to spend thousands of dollars to keep the water out. … Continue reading

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cleaning out the closet

i am contemplating the unthinkable. what if i do something wild and crazy and unsubscribe from the pioneer woman? would anyone know? not if i don’t tell them. would anyone think less of me (or care) if they did know? maybe. but … Continue reading

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long weekend

friday. feels like forever since i’ve seen my husband, or talked to him, or spent time with him. i was in dc monday to thursday of last week and then left on friday to visit my sister. came back sunday afternoon … Continue reading

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should auld acquaintance be forgot

i know you’ve been dying to know if i survived the end of the government’s fiscal year. i did. by the skin of my teeth. 4 of which don’t really qualify as teeth with skin because they’re porcelain. at least … Continue reading

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