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when you gotta get away

click to enlarge. duh. and remember that i was using my iphone and video camera and have no photography skills whatsoever. but some of them are really nice. at least i think so. oh, and i didn’t include at least … Continue reading

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good morning, leap day

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everything else, day 4

3:30 wake up because delta doesn’t do standby anymore turned out to be a waste of time because zero of the earlier flights had available seats. the truth is more likely that there were seats, just not in my fare … Continue reading

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just tell the whole world, why don’t you

it’s official. we are on the ivf path. and we’re not getting off until i’m pregnant. or until we’ve tried as many times as my body and emotions can handle. just because i’m making this announcement doesn’t mean that i want you to … Continue reading

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home remedies

i am a woman. in case you didn’t know. sometimes i suffer from something we women like to call “cramps.” cramps are painful. sometimes unbearably so. i have tried advil and aleve and pamprin other otc medications to relieve the pain. … Continue reading

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everything else, day 3

i might not write everything that happened on sunday. just because if you have been to church at an lds chapel on any given sunday, you already know about it and don’t need me to tell you. and if you haven’t, … Continue reading

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chopped or chop’t

the food network has a show called chopped. i like that show. four chefs compete for a chance to win $10,000 and the title of “chopped champion.” the judges are some well-known and amazing chefs and critiques (that i’ve never heard of … Continue reading

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