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cruel hilariosity

i called the fertility center this morning. (i will not include a link to their website because it’s creepy and would give you zero confidence in our prospects. in fact, when my husband and i first talked about getting the professionals to … Continue reading

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if-then statements

if you only purchase and eat whole wheat ritz, then you’ll never be reminded of the amazing deliciousness of original ritz. of course, if you decide to google “whole wheat ritz” because you want to add a link to the product’s … Continue reading

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i blame al gore and his cohorts

for the serious deterioration in the quality of my handwriting. he invented the internet, as you know, so i’m sure the people around him are the ones responsible for things like email and all other things electronic that now make it … Continue reading

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cinnamon bears and popularity

i found it. i told you i did. wow, it is lame. but it is definitely something written by little old me. 5+ years ago. i don’t think i’ve changed a whole lot. anywho. here it is. It’s true.  I probably bought more cinnamon … Continue reading

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not resolutions

i should never say that i’m rooting for a team. without fail, i end up feeling bad for the loser, even if it’s not “my” team. without fail. you know it’s been too long since you’ve shaved your legs when you start … Continue reading

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