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i can’t go but maybe you can

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seriously so obsessed

on the day after my birthday 2011, i hopped in a car with the hubster (i can’t imagine he’ll appreciate this nickname if he ever reads this post) and his father and headed south to bwi for to fetch his middle sister and her … Continue reading

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as events warrant

i got a text from my sister. from jerusalem. how cool. i’ve received many phone calls, i assume in response to my last post. how loved do i feel? unfortunately, i am loved by people in different time zones, so … Continue reading

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this is my blog, so i can be selfish, right? right. my mom and my sister are somewhere else right now. somewhere international. somewhere holy. somewhere that is not a phone call away. and as much fun as i hope … Continue reading

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keep holding on

zechariah 2:10 – Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion: for, lo, I come, and I will dwell in the midst of thee, saith the Lord. okay, so maybe that verse is really talking about the Second Coming. but for now, … Continue reading

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today i’m alyce

two days ago (or was it the day before that?) i woke up feeling great. (read:  feeling great about ivf and all that it entails, most of which is still a mystery to me.) ivf occupies my thoughts continually. obviously … Continue reading

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once upon a time, my husband bought me a beautiful blue topaz ring from macy’s. he gave it to me for Christmas. or for my birthday. or for both. it’s hard to say. the two holidays are so close together … Continue reading

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