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can’t hardly wait

to share an amazing cookie recipe with you. everyone, i mean everyone, who’s ever tried them loves them. i will not be including pictures with my recipe. i do not have the requisite skills. but if you follow the directions, … Continue reading

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charmed, i’m sure

this makes 3 months in a row that i’ve come down with a bad cold. this time i even had a fever and chills. what gives, i’d like to know. i am committed to be well for the entire month of february. … Continue reading

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de gustibus non disputandum est

got me a new lady that cuts my hair. i mean, i couldn’t keep going to ty in va forever. i do live in another state now. and at some point i believe (pray) that my long commute will be no more. … Continue reading

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iso jewelry

you know the round (sing with me, or come in later and make it a round for rillz):  make new friends, but keep the old. one is silver and the other gold. now, i don’t know which is which. for the purposes … Continue reading

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dumb luck or intuition

you decide. i pretty much go in the same stall every time i need to avail myself of the what the facilities have to offer here at work.  same stall.  every time.  i’m certain i’m not the only one with a favorite stall.  … Continue reading

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i got an iPad for Christmas.  i did.  i really did.  i was completely surprised.  my husband is so awesome.  i love it.  my husband and i are having a solitaire tournament on it right now.  i’m winning.  but don’t … Continue reading

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the ides of january

the reese’s peanut butter eggs at the grocery store are trying to tell me that “spring is in the air.” that kind of merchandising is wrong on so many levels.

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