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i don’t know if i should say it if i’m not absolutely positive it’s happened yet. but. my brother-in-law is supposed to be released from the hospital today. he’s been approved for out-patient physical therapy. which is pretty positive, i’d … Continue reading

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let’s get fiscal

i don’t particularly love september for being the last month of the federal government’s fiscal year, making today the last day of the 2010 fiscal year. i try not to blog about my job.  but let’s just say that this year’s … Continue reading

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duran duran

as you know, if you know anything at all, i can’t help but learn the lyrics to songs.  i mean, a song is not worth listening to or knowing or liking if you can’t know the lyrics and sing along.  of course, … Continue reading

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gotta get my button

for the lititz chocolate walk.  yum.  before october 1 because then the price goes up.  which basically means that i have to get my button (and any other buttons i need to get because people have told me by then … Continue reading

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holiday weekend

today is international talk like a pirate day.  i feel like it deserves a nod.  but only because i can’t do it without ending up sounding like a leprechaun.  has anyone ever heard of an irish pirate?  i didn’t think … Continue reading

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all alone in the moonlight

this makes me miss living with EH. don’t get me wrong.  totally love my roommate now.  but i count myself among the very lucky few who have been privileged enough to call EH roomie.  and friend. epilogue:  i am still very … Continue reading

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why i love september

summer relents.  general cooling of temperatures. leaves start changing colors.  who doesn’t love fall? got engaged in 2008. met my busband in the first place in 2007. college football.  (except when va tech loses to jmu.  thanks for nothing, hokies.) … Continue reading

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