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some day my prince(ton) will come

my mom came over to pa this past week. stayed with my sister. celebrated my nephew’s first birthday. my husband and i went over their way to spend as much of the weekend as we could. those are my best … Continue reading

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i love my husband. a lot. he likewise loves me a lot. one day soon, we will have babies and make a family (or more than just us two). and we will love our kids a lot. i like to think … Continue reading

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my version of a hangover

going to work on a wednesday morning after staying up until 1:30 or so on tuesday night reading the hunger games. staying up that late on tuesday night is already stupid but let’s just remind ourselves that tuesdays are the days … Continue reading

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balm of gilead

has anyone ever found the perfect lip balm? for a long time, i have claimed that natural ice (by mentholatum) is the best. i pretty much still feel that way. i know i would feel that way if i lived … Continue reading

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judges’ decisions are final

[if anyone can tell me what movie or show that phrase comes from, i’ll love you forever.] these are the big decisions one has to make in one’s lifetime. 1. should i continue to include my maiden name in my … Continue reading

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