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mark it down

It only took us until December 19 to get the pumpkins from Halloween off of our front porch. We are clearly not keeping up with the Joneses around these parts. Advertisements

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What it’s like

I went back to work after giving birth to my second child a little over three months ago. About a week later a good friend of mine asked me if I would like to write an article for her about … Continue reading

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Hospital Highlights 1991

The scariest part of my hospital stay happened when they brought me back to my room after the surgery. It’s another thing I don’t remember. But my mom wrote a poem about it. Read it here. I actually walked with … Continue reading

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October 24 1991

I was a sophomore at Boise High School. Almost 16 years old. Currently enrolled in a driver’s ed course that met in the classroom where I would take algebra 3/trigonometry from Mr. Stubblefield the next year. John Weatherby already had … Continue reading

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The Birth Story

Dr. Stenman left around 9:30 pm. Other than calling my husband and sister and spinning contractions, I have no concrete memory after Dr. Stenman left until the nurses’ shift change at 11 pm. I helped Cathy fill ________ (she was … Continue reading

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Prepping for Birth, Part 3

Where were we.  Dr. H came in. I told him I wasn’t noticing contractions at all. Like the pitocin wasn’t even on. (Until today, I still have no idea if contractions were registering on the monitor and I wasn’t noticing … Continue reading

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Prepping for Birth, Part 2

Jolene was my first L&D nurse. Yes, she is named after the Dolly Parton song. She was also very pregnant. 37 weeks, she said. Her second baby. She was so much more pregnant than me. She asked if I wanted … Continue reading

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