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39 weeks

i reached 39 weeks 3 days ago. can any of us really believe that? monday’s nst was good. again. except that my back hurt like it has never hurt before in my entire livelong life when i was being helped … Continue reading

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38 weeks

the nst nurse this week told me that the swelling that causes the carpal tunnel problems i’m having actually starts in my neck and shoulders. if you read between the lines, that means my little wrist braces will only help … Continue reading

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37 weeks

i am 37 weeks pregnant today. missed doing a post for 36 weeks. do forgive. yesterday marked 11 years since my dad died. yesterday was a monday, as you know. just like the day he died.  i talked to my … Continue reading

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happiness is

two kinds of ice cream. most definitely. but do you know what else it is? opening the bottom drawer of your dresser and finding that you have at least one (and possibly 2!) more pair of loungy maternity pants than … Continue reading

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oh my darling, clementine

i bought clementines yesterday. (i just had to check myself and make sure it really was just yesterday because it feels like ages and ages ago.) they are delicious. they are low enough in carbs that i can eat 2 … Continue reading

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things that don’t matter

but i still think about them sometimes. what if i am unable to eat an egg or kale or canadian bacon after this pregnancy is over? what if aspartame really is bad for me? don’t tell me because i won’t … Continue reading

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