a happy accident

my aunt’s phone called me from somewhere inside her purse last night. i said “hello” a few times and hung up.

then she called me back for real to ask if i had called her or if she her phone had called me. i guess she heard my “hellos” from down there in her purse.

we talked for several minutes.

she’s typing up her father’s journal from 1971. one sunday he wrote about a delicious meal he’d had at my aunt’s house. my aunt says her mom must have helped; my aunt doesn’t remember ever being much of a chef. these days, it’s so much easier to drive down the hill and get a burger anyway. after so many years of coming up with meals, she’s all out of ideas. plus, she says, her husband looks at the food she makes like it’s completely foreign to him. (i imagine it’s kind of the same way he looks at her. like she is foreign. unknown.) it’s unmotivating. i agreed that it would be hard to want to cook without a receptive audience. so she sticks with fast food. that’s what her husband prefers anyway.

her granddaughter is serving a mission for the lds church in the new jersey morristown mission. she has spent all of her saturdays and sundays knocking on doors to offer help in cleaning up sandy’s mess. they wear 2 pairs of gloves and a mask. she’s cleaned out a lot of terribly disgusting refrigerators. the elders tear out the sheet rock in the basements and then spray the studs with bleach. 

she was waiting for someone from the driver’s license bureau. her husband doesn’t drive anymore but still needs a photo id. so they were taking care of that yesterday.

we talked about my husband and how he was doing. was he home from work? did i have dinner ready? um, no.

she asked about my mom. wanted to know how the stent is treating her.

good to chat. have a merry Christmas. we should talk more often. take care of yourself. and good bye.

i don’t think it’s possible for my phone to call someone without at least some effort on my part. but i’m fine if that’s not true for everyone.

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