year in review

just kidding.

how about the last several days in review.

thursday night my husband and his youngest sister and i headed down to va. we stopped in at a&e’s to meet their newest addition (r’s not even a month old yet). she was sweet and snuggly and so tiny. and gassy. we really like a&e&r.

i took friday off work. we went to mount vernon. my husband and his sister had never been. hooray that i finally took my husband to mount vernon. it’s only been hanging over my head for over 5 years.

did you know that 80% of the exterior of george washington’s home is original?

we picked the perfect day and time to go. not just because we got to see aladdin the Christmas camel. and not because gobbler and cobbler, the presidentially pardoned turkeys, were there. we picked the perfect time because hardly any people were there. we waited in line for the house tour for all of 6.4 minutes. and because we were there during the slow season, the 3rd floor of the mansion was included in our tour. “a million people tour the house every year, but only a few thousand see the 3rd floor.”

the 3rd floor doesn’t hold any secret rooms that are so very different from the other rooms you could see any old day of the year. but it’s cool that we got to see all 21 rooms in the house and the cupola access. one of the rooms up there is the bedroom where martha slept from the time george died in their bed on december 14, 1799, until her own death in 1802.

my husband’s sister took an interior design or some such class recently, and she provided some cool color commentary about the style of this ceiling and that trim.

oh, and the weather was perfect, too.


mtv3 mtvback

we bought the 2012 mount vernon ornament in the gift shop.

and then it was time for lunch at good stuff eatery where the toasted marshmallow milkshake did a proper whoopin’ of the chocolate peppermint milkshake in a head-to-head battle.

i took the wheel after lunch and guided us downtown. my travel companions got a 50-cent tour of the main department of the interior office building. did you know that the main interior building (mib), which was finished in the 1930s, was the first large federal building to have central air conditioning? did you know that the mib takes up 2 whole city blocks? did you know that i can see the washington monument from my office window?

we sneaked up to the penthouse (but if anyone asks i’ll deny it) to see what kind of views the rooftop had to offer. here’s the best shot (through a window from inside because there was a huge chain and lock on the doors).


much to our dismay, we were too tired at that point to walk over to the mall to see some monuments and memorials. the driving tour had to suffice. and i’m going to claim that it did suffice. except that i found out that my husband has never actually set foot on the jefferson memorial (my favorite). seriously? i could not believe it. i finally get mount vernon off the to-do list, and there he goes adding something else. how about i make it a 2013 new year’s resolution to make sure my dearest one gets to stare up at tj’s statute up close and personal.

then we drove home.

on saturday i did this and that. the lowlight of the day occurred while i was peeling potatoes and peeled off a chunk of my left middle finger. the other lowlight occurred when i couldn’t get up my driveway and into the garage because of the snow.

saturday’s highlights included doing 4 loads of laundry. for real, i felt good about myself. i also vacuumed and swept and mopped the hardwood floors. okay, the mopping part was limited to the kitchen and hallway.

yesterday, in addition to church and dinner with the in-laws, i took the ornaments off the tree and packed them away neatly. in the process 827+ pine needles ended up on the floor.

the jury is out on who will take the lights off the tree. but i’m guessing that whoever does it will add several thousand needles to the collection on the floor.

today is the last day of 2012. tomorrow begins 2013. it’s really just another day, but don’t we all get some sort of psychological bounce from closing the book on another year and telling ourselves that the new year will be different. better.

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4 Responses to year in review

  1. lucile eastman says:

    An idea. Make 2013 the yr. you buy a pre-lit artificial tree and buy a pine-scented candle to replace the smell of the real tree. I have made the same suggestion to your mother and she is considering. We all faught Eric for years on this idea…he finally won and life has been relatively pine-needle free since.


  2. ann says:

    I love reading what you write, sister.


  3. lucile eastman says:

    I’m sure you know I meant fought.


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