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sweet release

one of the last steps in an ivf cycle is the embryo transfer. after all the injections and blood tests and ultrasounds to count and measure your follicles. after the procedure to retrieve all those eggs and fertilize them and … Continue reading

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(i’m not talking about the refineries in louisiana.) i once had a co-worker for whom garlic was such a significant part of her diet that she smelled of it. not her breath. just her. like the garlic was emanating from … Continue reading

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dashed all to pieces

first off, don’t judge. i watched a couple of repeat episodes of keeping up with the kardashians last night. and lucky, lucky me, they were the episodes where khloe finds out she isn’t ovulating and needs some level of fertility treatment. within 2 weeks … Continue reading

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the moral of the story

tuesday was my first day on the job. so to speak. my first day in my new job as a manager and supervisor of the division of my office that i’ve worked in for the last 9+ years. it was pretty … Continue reading

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many thanks to my aunt lucile for hosting our family gathering while ben and i were in utah. and for preparing practically all the food. i believe i can say that a good time was had by all. grant the … Continue reading

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