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beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here

the weather this weekend. amazing. i spent far too much time inside. unfortunately. but i did vacuum and swiffer and shark our hardwood and tile floors. it’s quite an undertaking. and i made the bed. on saturday and sunday. my moroccan chicken … Continue reading

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ball bearings (aka BBs)

somewhere in the world exists (or once existed) a photo of me with a partially formed duck embryo leg hanging out of my mouth. notwithstanding my recollection of how i looked in said photo, i would be willing to see … Continue reading

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wait for it, wait for it

the hose test is much like a pregnancy test. okay, not really. in a pregnancy test, you only want 5 seconds worth of pee on the stick. a successful hose test that produces valid results requires a lot more liquid for a … Continue reading

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from a land down under

i called zeke. just like i said i would once the rain stopped. you can conclude from all of this that the rain did indeed stop. sometime on friday, i believe. of course, we enjoyed a lovely rainstorm last night, but i think it’s safe … Continue reading

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all about all aspects waterproofing

i’m trying to think of a quick way to tell the story of our basement. but it’s not going to work, so make yourselves comfortable. it started when we were filling out the disclosure form before we put our house … Continue reading

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the jigger shop was good, i am happy to report. the best part of my eating experience at the jigger shop is easily the 2 pretzels they stuck on my scoop of chocolate ice cream with hot fudge on top. … Continue reading

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this day in history

a few years back, my mom was borned on this day. happy birthday, mama. exactly 3 years back, my then boyfriend proposed marriage. i said yes. and there was much rejoicing. and tonight we visit the jigger shop. my first … Continue reading

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