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life goes on

i figured out the other day that i don’t even know the last time i boiled an egg. i’m 101% confident i haven’t boiled any eggs since changing my surname to larsen. and before that, who even knows. it’s a … Continue reading

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rock the vote

i have just moved into a new office. i have three more crates to unpack and literally nowhere but the floor to put their contents. after nearly nine years of having my own office, i now have an officemate. so … Continue reading

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silence is golden

drugs for round 2 of ivf are looking to cost twice as much as round 1. my insurance provider figured out what the drugs were for and stopped approving coverage. (i will NOT at this time go off about how angry i get hearing … Continue reading

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pdx: the grand finale

1. that, people, is the ira c. keller memorial fountain. or part of it. google (images) it (please do it) and see that i only captured of a little corner of the ira c. keller memorial fountain world. it is huge. amazing. beautiful. … Continue reading

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pdx: almost everything else

1. i stayed here. it was nice. young men stood ready to open the door for you upon every entry and exit. the rooms were small, though. and the shower head was droopy. it would not stay where i wanted … Continue reading

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silver and gold

upon my arrival in pdx, i found my way to the max train and to my hotel. and then, wonder of wonders, i found my friend from junior high and boise high days. at the corner of sw 5th and sw alder. … Continue reading

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the awful truth: a preview of my visit to pdx

i bought and ate donuts (or doughnuts, if you prefer or are pretentious) from three different places today. including here.

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