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50% off halloween leftovers

gee, why didn’t these sell out immediately? Advertisements

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don’t got milk

if you read my blog, you already know that we just got back from being gone for a week.  got back on saturday evening and immediately turned into zombies for the remainder of the evening.  flying all day is apparently … Continue reading

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“shine ‘em up, shine ‘em up!”

“shoe shine!” try to imagine hearing that over and over and over on your layover at chicago midway while you eat a nasty turkey burger.  it can get pretty annoying.  “four minutes!” “shine ’em up, shine ’em up!  shoe shine!” … Continue reading

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the summer sun’s not callin’ my name, but…

let’s start at the very beginning. that boot up there is not mine. my chocolate walk co-conspirator did not yet have that boot up there.  hers looked more like that one down there.  only hers was cuter and more dainty … Continue reading

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hotel, motel, holiday inn

words of wisdom don’t try to be quick and witted and all that in a blog post (a) at the end of a work day that (b) started at 3:53 am (c) which was way too early for a healthy person but … Continue reading

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technology: a love-hate relationship

i was 2/3 done (maybe even 3/4 or 4/5) with a pretty dadgum awesome blog post when mozilla firefox decided to crap out on me.  do i need to tell you how bugged i am right now?  no, i don’t.  … Continue reading

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