addenda – in bullet form

  • i have concluded that the deer was freshly dead, as evidenced by the drips and drops of blood now staining my garage floor (some 80+ miles from the “crash site”).
  • i also have concluded that dead deer is sticky (clingy?), as evidenced by the deer bits still lingering here and there after 2 professional car washes (okay, the first was, admittedly, a crappy car wash, but come on, already, dearest deer, let go).
  • when i “walk out the door” at the end of a work day, i leave my frustrations behind me.  i am led to understand that i won’t be able to do the same when i am a mother.
  • i spoke to no one and no one spoke to me on my short commute this morning (a far more common occurrence than my experience last week).  let’s see what this evening and tomorrow morning hold (i am in dc 2 nights and 3 days this week).
  • i have been writing (or attempting to write) some bullets about why me no likey facebook, but as i reread them, i think they sound angry or bitter or something.  phrases like “facebook is evil” probably don’t help.  suffice it to say that i am judgmental and allow myself to think ill of people (some of whom i might not even know) based on what they deem appropriate to share on the grandest of all social networking sites.  i also conclude — based on what i see posted on fb and based on my own fb behavior — that relationships in real life either are suffering or could suffer because of our fascination with fb.  i could get all dramatic and doomsday.  i am wont to do that at times.  my sister writes it better, as she is wont to do:  ”I think [fb] can serve a purpose.  I really do.  One simply has to be able to use it for that purpose and not for all the other useless purposes too.”

on a completely unrelated topic:  my birthday is one week from tomorrow.  let it be known that i, accompanied by my sweetheart, will spend the day flying from phl to boi.  what a great thing.

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4 Responses to addenda – in bullet form

  1. queenann says:

    Yuck about the deer.

    Hooray about your flying to BOI. I am sad I will not be there. So sad.


  2. landeelu says:

    Happy early birthday!! <— just in case you shut down your FB so I can't write it on your wall.

    Now, whatever your feelings on FB are, let me remind you of this…don't ever forget… without FB you and I would NEVER have reconnected. Ever. I know this to the very core of my being. It is what you make of it. Amen.

    PS I hear people pay good money for deer bits down south. It's not as gamey as opossum bits, supposedly.


    • alcylucy says:

      amen to your amen. you are right, and it has been gnawing away at me with every word i’ve typed re fb’s lameness. i am grateful to fb for that. fo rillz. really, i have to control my fb time and make sure i don’t end up looking through photo albums of a trip someone i’ve never met took to granny’s house. instead, i should pick up the phone and call my visiting teachees or something.

      thanks for the birthday wishes. i expect more on my fb wall on the actual day. thanksinadvanceverymuch.


  3. Carol Schiess says:

    Hey! I was there when you hit it, ‘member? Well, here, but there.


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