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June 30 2003

It was a Monday. I know it was a Monday not because of my super-human calendar skills but because it was my first day of work at the Office of Historical Trust Accounting. Today is my last day at OHTA. … Continue reading

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What it’s like

I went back to work after giving birth to my second child a little over three months ago. About a week later a good friend of mine asked me if I would like to write an article for her about … Continue reading

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back in the saddle

I started working again this week. I’m three days in and feel like we’re going to survive. Back in April, I was in the middle of some projects when I was suddenly summoned to the hospital to have my second … Continue reading

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today is the last day of the fiscal year for the federal government. fy2017 starts tomorrow. my staff and i are mind-boggled at how suddenly 2016 disappeared.   i just erased a few paragraphs of complaint about upcoming performance evaluations … Continue reading

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more than you want to know

when i decided at 4-something in the a.m. that i had to tinkle and that my need to tinkle trumped my need to help my baby stop coughing long enough to sleep, i was making the right decision. of that … Continue reading

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so far behind

i’m in the middle of 27 weeks and haven’t said a word about this week or the last 2. you should be ashamed of me. i was consistent and faithful there for a while.  it’s performance evaluation time at work. … Continue reading

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aspire higher

Did you know this about the office where I work? Emotional Intelligence: Our employees use, understand, and manage our emotions in a positive, constructive way. We develop and maintain good working relationships, communicate clearly and foster collaboration across the organization, … Continue reading

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