i’m doing something right, right?

One of our smoke alarms has started chirping. New batteries for all are in order.

After the chirping and discussion about new batteries and out of my earshot, our son asked his father something and got some kind of response that involved fire. So he came to find me to ask if our house was on fire.

No, it’s not. The smoke alarm is there to warn us that there is a fire, which tells us that we need to get out of our house.

Will we go live in another house?

Well, it depends on how bad the fire is, I guess. We might have to stay somewhere else while our house gets fixed.

Oh, okay. We should call Fixer Upper then.

You want to call Chip and Joanna to come fix our house if it catches on fire?

Yeah, let’s call them. What’s their phone number?

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1 Response to i’m doing something right, right?

  1. Margaret Bennett says:

    Love, love, love. I can just hear him saying this.


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