Prepping for Birth, Part 1

I already wrote about being summoned to the hospital. Now I’m going to fill in some details of that day. If no one else read this, that’s okay. I want to remember.

Someday I will write – maybe a poem – about saying goodbye to my son as I got ready to leave for the hospital. So much crying. On my part, not his. He told me not to cry and that everything would be okay.

I got to triage. Checked in. Got to my room and met nurse Cathy.

Pee in a cup. Blood draw. Blood pressure monitor. Baby monitor. Wait. Chit-chat with Cathy when she stops by to let me know this and that. Triage and Labor and Delivery were so busy that I got a crummy old hospital gown and not one of the new ones.

Dr. Stull came in. The protein in my pee said severe preeclampsia. Baby needs to be born to stop this preeclampsia’s progression toward eclampsia (read: seizures and possibly worse).

Side story: The previous Monday we had talked to Dr. Larkin about the good and bad numbers for protein in your spot check (as opposed to 24-hr) pee. He said .1 is good, .2 is iffy, .3 or above needs attention. On Saturday, April 15 my pee protein was .1. Found out later that on April 20 my pee protein was .7.

Dr. S presented the options. C-section would be the fastest and safest route. But vaginal birth was also an option, though more lengthy and with the possibility of a c-section anyway if my body wasn’t ready to give birth.

She left. I called my husband. I wanted a vaginal delivery. He wanted me to be safe from harm. What about a steroid shot for the baby? And aren’t there supposed to be two of them? How is this going to work? More questions.

Dr. S came back. She had talked to the NICU. They were overflowing. Baby might have to go to the NICU at another hospital if she comes very soon. The revelation made a c-section a very unattractive option.

Oh yes, I remember, and tell Dr S. BGL was breech as recently as of the ultrasound 4 days ago. We need to do an ultrasound to see if vaginal delivery is even an option.

Miracle. She is now head down.

Dr. S recommends vaginal delivery as best option knowing that we needed to buy some time for the NICU to discharge some babies.

Before I go to Labor and Delivery, Cathy gives me my first steroid shot.




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