back in the saddle

I started working again this week. I’m three days in and feel like we’re going to survive.

Back in April, I was in the middle of some projects when I was suddenly summoned to the hospital to have my second miracle baby. I somehow had the foresight to get those projects as close to completion, or at least to a stopping point, before EMM arrived.

My daughter was born on a Saturday, and on the preceding Tuesday, I sent everything I had on one of the projects, including a draft decision memo for signature, to my supervisor and her supervisor. At the time, I had some expectation that I would be asked to revise some things, but I also felt like I had put together enough information for the decision makers to be able to make their decision.

Well, guess what.

I found out today that while I was away taking care of the wee one, my boss and her boss put the results of my work on said project in front of the decision makers, and the decision makers made a decision based on my recommendation. And man, I just feel so good knowing that something I worked on got over the goal line and made a difference.

Put another — more succinct — way, I found out today that I saved taxpayers $9 million. And because of my research, someone else had enough information to be able to save another $4 million.

I know it’s pennies compared to the billions and trillions that get talked about re government spending and deficits and debts. But you guys, I played a part in saving $13 million. That’s super cool to be able to say and is a highlight of my 14 years as a federal employee.

Happy hump day.

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2 Responses to back in the saddle

  1. Carol says:

    You’re no dummy. And I thank for my few pennies saved.


  2. Ann Darrington says:



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