Three Months – 7/22

Little EMM is 9 lbs 13 oz now. She has climbed her way up to the 5th percentile in weight for her age. She is no longer on the preemie charts at all. She is getting rolls and chub, and it’s divine. 

She has some sort of issue that causes frightening choking/gagging fits in the night every so often. I must do my best to get good burps after her overnight feeding and hold her upright for a while before I put her down again. Easier said than done at 2 am. Apparently, it’s silent reflux. 

The overnight fits are new for me. Nothing like it ever happened with our son. She also doesn’t have other classic symptoms of reflux so it has been hard to diagnose with certainty. After an unsettling episode this week we ended up in the pediatric ward to make sure the night fits weren’t a sign of something more serious. 

She passed all the tests. 

She also passed out from exhaustion. 

And finally, for those of you who are reading all the way through to the end, here’s a side-by-side comparison to show how far we’ve come in three months. (I should also do a side-by-side of her preemie pjs and her current pjs.) The left photo was taken at 2:56 am on 4/22 (an hour after she was born and the second photo ever taken of her). The right was taken at 2:44 am on 7/19. 

Verdict after the ekg and X-rays and blood work and umpteen rectal temperature readings is that she is healthy as a horse. A horse now on Zantac. 

She was very excited to be going home. 

P.S. I start work on Monday. {sad face}

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One Response to Three Months – 7/22

  1. Carol says:

    Sad me, too. You will do your best, than which there is nothing better. Right?


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