I eat carbs

EMM has a weight check tomorrow. Fingers crossed that she weighs at least 6 lbs 2 oz. Tomorrow marks 4 weeks home from the NICU, and she has already gained 2 lbs. Just like a normal baby. Getting fat cheeks and a double chin. 

She is officially growing out of her preemie clothes. Newborn sizes are still way big. So the pjs that fit EMM best right now are the one pair of Old Navy sleepers that fits up to 7-lb babies. Thank you for the surprise package in the mail, Jocelyn. 

Nursing has begun progressing well. Finally. Of course, most of her food is still delivered via pumping into a bottle. But I’ve ditched the breast shield and figured out how to consistently get her latched on. Things are looking up. We just need her to get a little bigger so that nursing doesn’t wear her out so much. And so that her mouth is big enough to navigate the unique shape and size of her mommy’s left nipple. 

She still doesn’t do full feedings on the breast. At least not often. So I offer the breast if she is alert enough. Then she gets a bottle. Then she gets burped and held for a bit to make sure it stays down and doesn’t end up coming out her nostrils or mouth as foam. Then I pump. Then the bottles and pumping gear gets washed. Then the whole thing repeats. Day and night. Sometimes I do all the steps in the process. Sometimes I only do the nursing and pumping part. It all depends on how occupied my husband is with our son. 

I have six more weeks before I go back to work. I’m really hoping and praying that EMM is a full-time nurser by then with the occasional bottle as events warrant. Prayers toward that goal welcome. 

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One Response to I eat carbs

  1. Carol says:

    Somehow I thought your post would catalog what you eat, as in carbs. But, hey, I like what I got. I can add my prayers toward your goal, too.


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