Due Date

My due date is tomorrow. Today EMM is six weeks old and weighs almost six pounds. 

As I left my six-week post-partum appointment yesterday, I passed the room where they do NSTs. I heard the loud thud-thudding of some woman’s baby’s heartbeat on the monitor. And I cried. A little bit sad I won’t hear that sound for one of my babies ever again. An even littler bit sad that I didn’t have six weeks of hearing that sound for this baby. 

It was a moment of recognition for what was and is and will and won’t be. And the emotion of it overcame me briefly. 

At the very same time I am happy and so grateful for numberless things about EMM and how and when she arrived. 

It’s okay to be sad and grateful at the same time. 

We’re a bunch of goof balls.  

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2 Responses to Due Date

  1. Carol says:

    Just right, Alyce. And that’s three handsome people.


  2. Carol says:

    And the three tongues.


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