4 lbs 13 oz at the doc today. The nurse who wrote it down cheered that EMM had gained 10 oz in one week. It was a real “Go Team!” moment. 

EMM pooped and peed on me in the exam room as we got ready to take her out and get weighed. While I cleaned up after her, my husband said he was hoping for 4 lbs 12 or 13. 

The woman who weighed EMM initially said she was 4 lbs 11 oz. I asked my husband if he was disappointed and told the woman what he had been hoping for. She looked at the scale again (which I could see because I was standing next to her). 

Oh. I was wrong. She’s 4 lbs 13 oz. 

See. Go team. 

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One Response to 3w6d

  1. Carol says:

    Pretty soon you won’t be able to lift her. Won’t that be great.


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