It only took more than a week, but BGL did finally get her first bath. And she handled it like pretty much everything else. A champ. 

See below for evidence. 

Should I be calling her EMM instead of BGL now?

One advantage of having your baby in the NICU: much easier to shower every day. 

Don’t say the sleep thing because I wasn’t getting a whole lot more sleep. Some more but not much. 

One advantage of having your baby out of the NICU: too many to list. 

Today is my father’s birthday. Back when we thought this pregnancy would last longer, I told my husband it would be a good thing to schedule the induction today. And maybe have the baby on his birthday. 

I have felt strongly since being admitted to the hospital that BGL (EMM) and my dad know each other. That they have a close relationship. Have spent time together. It maybe have been during the mag-induced fog of the first couple of days at the hospital that this idea really settled on me, but I believe it no less strongly. 

My older sister is coming to visit for about a week. She gets here late Friday night. My other sister is bringing her from the airport. I am so eager for them to arrive. 

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