I have been having unexplained but regular bloody noses. Is it fatigue? I know it’s not because I’m pregnant. Because I’m not. Of that I am certain. 

My daughter projectile poops on me basically once per day. Usually right after I’ve put on a clean shirt. So if you see me and I’m wearing a crummy shirt and no bra, it’s because I’m protecting my bra and decent clothes from pooh stains. 

I wish I had taken a picture of her big (relatively speaking and round belly that sticks out on the sides from the rest of her body. Maybe next time. It was so pronounced tonight when I was changing her out of her peed clothes and into dry ones. 

BGL makes A LOT of noise when she sleeps. Grunting and wheezing and snorting and so on. Her sneezes don’t sound like sneezes; her sneezes sound like something is wrong. My husband and I have both thought so on separate occurrences of her little sneeze. 

I know what her “I’m hungry and I’m not going to take it anymore” cry sounds like. So does her brother. He is handling her crying surprisingly well. It hardly upsets him. And he doesn’t cry over it. Which is quite unexpected based on previous behavior. And previous statements that he has made. I’m sure his nursery teacher would be shocked to learn that he remains calm when his sister is wailing. 

I told our next door neighbor about our new arrival today. She didn’t even know I’d had been pregnant. That should tell you what a recluse I was during the winter and how much I wasn’t yet showing in the spring. Turns out her son was born at 30 weeks when her preeclampsia turned to eclampsia and she started having seizures. We commiserated briefly about magnesium sulfate. 

Preemies are everywhere. I’m sure my mom will tell you the same. 

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One Response to 3w4d

  1. Carol says:

    Yes. Everywhere or everyone knows a story about a preemie.
    Happy Birthday to your Dad.


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