What breastfeeding looks like 

I’ve already said I pump 8 times a day. That’s still true. 

I also put BGL on the breast 4-5 times a day. We are both still learning, but I believe I can tell that she is getting stronger and better at what she’s trying to do. 

I have been doing football hold exclusively. Today I tried cross cradle on the left side and had more success than ever before. 

My left breast is known to be a curmudgeon of sorts. Unwilling to put out without A LOT of coaxing. BGL is not much of a coaxer yet. 

I’ve had clogged milk ducts on the left. Pumped and pumped and pumped my way through that. Including a long and miraculous pumping session. 

Thrush has now made an appearance. Ugh. There is discomfort. That’s for sure. Haven’t decided on a treatment yet. BGL is already being plied with nystatin. Hope it works for her. I have not been officially diagnosed but I’m pretty sure. 


In spite of these challenges and annoyances, BGL is gaining weight: 4 lbs 9 oz at the doc this morning. 

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One Response to What breastfeeding looks like 

  1. Carol says:

    What a couple of strong women, you two. She is looking good. I always love the pictures.


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