Jiggity jig 

4 lbs even (1820 grams). That’s how much BGL weighs today. On her discharge day. 

That’s right. People. We are home. The Larsens are all together. 

I cried when we left. Those nurses, I tell you. I love them. So much. 

But not enough to take pictures of them. Oops. I wish I had done that. I want to tell my little girl all about all the wonderful women who took care of her for the first 19 days of her life. Add Elena and Diane and Keri and Diane (another one) to the list. And Laura. And Megan. And Amy. 

During discharge we were urged to keep BGL at home and away from people and germs for a couple of months. (Makes me really excited about our pediatrician appointments.) So we are going to be those parents for a while. Wish us luck that we all stay healthy and that people don’t hate us by the end for being so hyper about keeping our little girl (and son) healthy until she’s bigger and stronger and able to handle a measly little cold. 

Oh, and now that we’re home, I don’t expect to be able to update this blog as often. Just a hunch. 

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One Response to Jiggity jig 

  1. Carol says:

    No doubt you’ll be busy, busier, busiest. I’ll miss the blog, but I will understand.
    And if people don’t understand your protective behavior, tough.


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