BGL is a bit of an all star. Or so we’ve been told. 

Here’s the thing. Since landing in the NICU she has had zero “alarms.” Which means that her oxygen saturation and heart rate have never lingered outside the acceptable range for 10 seconds or longer. Never. The nurses can’t believe it. 

At this point they don’t expect that she will have any alarms. And we hope they’re right. Any alarm would add a week to her sojourn in the alcove of pod 2. 

BGL still weighs less than 4 lbs, but she is gaining weight every day. Sometimes only a third of an ounce. We don’t mind as long as she’s gaining. 

In the last day she has increased her milk intake each feeding from an ounce to an ounce-and-a-half. Four lbs will soon be a distant memory at this rate. 

Nurse Kym asked me today if BGL has shown us by now that we can have confidence in her. If we aren’t confident in her, I thought, then we haven’t been paying attention the last couple of weeks. She’s certainly been consistent and determined. 

Nurse Kym also said that BGL will be the one to decide when she’s ready to go home. The nurses and doctors are just reading her cues. 

I like nurse Kym a lot and will miss her when BGL comes home. And Karen and Marlene and Charity and Barb and Rhonda and Krystan and Jessica and Chang ans Samantha and Megan. They have taken care of my baby (and us) so well. I have cried already about the idea of not seeing them anymore. I know I will cry when we actually leave and don’t see them anymore. 

But I also am so excited to have BGL move in with us at home. 

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