Two Weeks

BGL had another banner day. She’s no longer getting assistance in keeping warm. All the maintenance of her body temperature is now up to her. Another calorie burner. We will find out tomorrow just how much work staying warm is for her. 

As of today, she was one ounce away from reaching her minimum weight requirement for being discharged. She still has some distance to go before she’s eating everything by mouth, so she will very likely be well past that minimum weight by the time she comes home. 

The minimum weight is still less than 4 pounds. So she’s still our little nugget. 

This picture gives some perspective on how small she is. At least I think so. It’s hard to tell in most pictures how much smaller she is than a full-term baby. 

This picture is just plain cute. 

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One Response to Two Weeks

  1. Carol says:

    Don’t you just love her face? Stupid question, I know. I get overwhelmed, wanting everything to be good for her.


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