Cinco de Mayo

Today is the birthday of a well-loved mother-in-law. 

BGL lost half an ounce since yesterday. Proof that putting the responsibility for eating on her (instead of through the feeding tube) requires a lot of work from her. She is enthusiastic about trying bottles and seems to have worn herself right out. I guess bottle and breast feeding for preemies is like eating celery for us grown folks: you burn more calories in the process than you get from the food itself. Or something. 

The doctors might increase BGL’s supplements if she continues to lose weight. Because she can’t go home with a feeding tube so she’s got to be able to eat and gain weight at the same time. The supplements are easy calories. And who would deny her some help in this seemingly monumental task that she is working so hard on? And with enthusiasm, as I said. 

BGL spent the day messing with her feeding tube again. Nurse Barb took matters into her own hands and secured the thing in place better than it has ever been secured. Barb may have won this battle, but it is still TBD who will win the war. 

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One Response to Cinco de Mayo

  1. Carol says:

    Feeding tube and all, SHE IS CUTE.


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