12 Days II

BGL weighs 3 lbs 11.4 oz today. She drank 80% of her first bottle before calling it quits. She yanked at her feeding tube and the tape keeping it in place until the nurse had to remove it and insert a new one. She probably won’t learn her lesson but will continue to grab and yank. 

The night nurse reports that she drank her entire bottle at 8 pm and will have a bath and her milk via the feeding tube at 11 pm. 

I miss her at night. 

We feel so blessed to have a healthy baby. Parents around us have babies being weaned from drugs or babies getting bad news after an MRI. So far, we only have a small baby who is too small to go home and not strong enough to eat on her own yet. We pray that’s the hardest stuff we have to deal with. I also pray for all the other babies and parents. That they can hack it. That they will feel loved and supported. 

My husband and I have so much to learn before BGL comes home. Caring for a preemie is not the same as caring for a full-term baby. It’s different and not intuitive. I’m glad we are in this together and that neither of has to have it all figured out. 

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