11 Days

I cry at the drop of a hat. Usually because of an overflow of love or gratitude. Someone offers to bring dinner. Someone takes our son to the park, and he has a great time. Someone brings a gift. So much love and gratitude for so many good people. 

BGL is 3 lbs 9.1 oz today. She also is a rockstar at nursing. I love her for it and am super grateful to be so much less of a stress case about nursing because of her enthusiasm and skill. I have learned so much, too. Makes me wish I could go back and give my son a better experience – at least for the first several weeks of his life. Thank all things he will never remember how hard it was for us at first. 

We start BGL with bottles tomorrow. She cannot go home until she takes all her food by mouth and no longer needs the feeding tube. And there’s no way she’ll be strong enough to exclusively breast feed anytime soon. So bottles it is. As long as she is alert and acting interested, they will offer her a bottle when I’m not here. 

Rhonda from lactation says that BGL’s due date is a reasonable date to hope that she will be able to do all eating at the breast. Give or take a couple of weeks. 

She still has about 6 more ounces to gain before she weighs “enough” to be discharged. They say to expect her weight gain to slow as more effort is expected of her to eat and to digest and to maintain her body temperature. Lots of work to do for such a little person. So far, she has not shied away from anything they’ve asked of her. 

Will she come home before or after Mother’s Day? Don’t we wish we knew?

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One Response to 11 Days

  1. Carol says:

    Thanks for that phone call. I learned stuff. Love to you all – all four.


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