One Week

BGL is now a week old. Still kicking at the NICU. We are told that she could easily be there another two to two-and-a-half weeks. It all depends on a lot of things. 

One factor affecting how long she will be a NICU baby is her weight. She started life at 1600 grams and has to get to 1750 grams before she can go anywhere. That’s a lot of grams for our little girl. Especially considering that she lost about a half a pound in the few days after she was born. Just like all babies. 

Anyway. She’s got a lot of weight to gain. And she’s got to learn to eat on her own – using a combination of breast and bottle. Getting mom’s milk through a feeding tube has to be temporary. Duh.

All breast is hard work for such a small person. She’d work so hard at it that she wouldn’t gain weight. If that makes sense. 

But we have started breastfeeding. And it’s fun and challenging and fun. We both love it. 

In related news, I am in a relationship with a breast pump. We are intimate 8 times a day. Every day. Every single day. 

My husband and I are going to start a hashtag: #overheardattheNICU. Boy howdy, the things you hear. 

My heart is full. So many people have done so much for us already. And we are going to be asking for so much more. I feel blessed to be surrounded by people who offer in the first place and/or say yes when we ask. 

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One Response to One Week

  1. Carol says:

    It’s good to see you at this again. Carry on.


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