One Week Addendum

Today, my daughter nursed and swallowed 12 milliliters all by herself. At least that’s what the scale before and after said. It was amazing and wonderful. 

She was so tired when we tried nursing again 6 hours later. But oh, she wants to do it. She roots and looks and cues all over the place every time I’m there at meal time. It is amazing and wonderful. 

Today, my daughter spit up on me – right down my shirt – for the first time. 

She also, for the second day in a row, pooped and peed on me while I changed her diaper. 

So. She may be small and living at a hospital, but basically, she’s a baby just like any other. 

She is also amazing and wonderful. 

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One Response to One Week Addendum

  1. Carol says:

    It is true–amazing, wonderful, a miracle.


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