33w5d – Apr 21

The blood pressure monitor is sounding an alarm because the most recent reading was high. The bell won’t stop ringing until my nurse comes in to turn it off. But it’s really busy around here today, apparently a lot of women have preeclampsia or are in preterm labor. Same drugs are used to manage both. 

Magnesium sulfate. It is no joke. Something far beyond lethargic, which is the word they use to describe one possible side effect. 

Headaches, nausea, serious problems standing on your own. Let alone walking from there to the bathroom. 

I haven’t had to have blood pressure meds since last night. So that’s good. And my kidneys are functioning well. No fluid buildup in my lungs. No other signs of toxicity. 

BGL has been looking great on the monitor. Just along for the ride, said nurse Christina. Good heartbeat. Good movement. Good all around. And she’s still head down (they checked again on ultrasound).

I am mostly effaced, thanks to a balloon they put in my cervix last night. 

Have been on pitocin for several hours now. No progress to speak of by way of contractions. Might try something else overnight to ripen the cervix and then try pitocin again. 

The magnesium and the pitocin are working against each other. Magnesium slows things down. Pitocin is trying to speed things up. The mag is winning so far. 

I’m waiting for my second steroid shot to give BGL’s lungs to very best chance. 

I’m on a clear liquid diet. Guaranteed that I haven’t had even 500 calories today. No doubt BGL is making sure she’s got enough to eat out of me even I’m not ingesting nutrients myself. 

So many more details to report but my brain and eyes and fingers are scrambled. 

I am at peace. I am not scared. I doubt not that your prayers are a major reason why. 

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4 Responses to 33w5d – Apr 21

  1. Carol says:

    We are waiting with you. Proud of BGL, too. Someday she will know what her mother did for her.


  2. cloudypianos says:

    I relate to all of this so much. I just found your site and I’m thankful to hear your experiences. I was on bedrest two months last year with preeclampsia in a strange hospital. I wrote a book about it to cope! (Let me know if you want to read it, maybe you’ll relate!) I hope all is well.


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