33w2d – Apr 18

My OB called me tonight at 8:30. Lab results from yesterday. 

Blood still looks fine. 

Protein in urine was elevated. 383 when they would like it to be below 300. 

They would like me to repeat the 24-hr fill a jug with pee on Sunday and bring it to my appointment Monday morning. I’m pretty giddy about it. 

I am planning to call tomorrow to talk to someone with medical training (Erin with the lab results could not adequately answer my questions) about what the protein in urine but no problems in the blood does and doesn’t mean. 

Assuming I have time/energy tomorrow, I will write about the things from last pregnancy that were less than pleasant that I have not had to deal with this time around. Perspective and all that. 

And let’s all be thankful that I didn’t vomit today. And that my blood sugars were all normal. And that BGL kicked up a storm. All good things. 

Last but not least: my abs (such as they currently are) are sore from coughing. Good to know they’re still there. 

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One Response to 33w2d – Apr 18

  1. Carol says:

    I think you are so smart to chronicle this pregnancy. And, yes, I hope you can speak with someone “medical” and get answers. Surely there are answers. I am glad you didn’t vomit, glad BGL is kicking up a storm.


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