33w1d – Apr 17


  1. My pee jug leaked in my fridge.
  2. I definitely have a cold. Accompanied by a bad cough.
  3. I coughed a lot during my NST, which basically caused BGL to not pass with flying colors. (But nobody freaked out because I was about to go have an ultrasound anyway.)
  4. I vomited up my dinner. All of it. Not the way I wanted to end the day. It was horrible.
  5. Banana-induced heartburn makes the list just to be thorough.
  6. My chiropractor said my tailbone was totally misaligned and on the verge of causing sciatic nerve problems. She also said that the position of the tailbone and resultant position of certain abdominal muscles are contributing to BGL’s continued breech position.


  1. BGL gained an estimated 11 ounces since her last growth ultrasound 12 days ago. That puts her at 3 lbs 11 ounces and moves her up from the 2nd to the 3rd percentile.
  2. My blood pressure at the OB and ultrasound appointments was stellar, the diastolic portion (i.e., the number they really care about) being 78 and 80, respectively.
  3. I must not have pre-eclampsia because no one from my OB called to deliver the bad news, which they promised they would do if the results were of any concern.

Other lights

Both the midwife (Anne) and the ultrasound doc (Dr. L) told us to expect them to recommend that BGL comes early. Like in the vicinity of 37 weeks. Even if she’s still growing and doing well based on ultrasounds.

Why, you ask? Let me tell you what I understood from Dr. L.

Basically, elevated blood pressure and small baby both indicate that something must be or very likely is going on with the placenta. But they can’t see or know what that is, just that there’s probably something.

By 37 weeks, BGL will be sufficiently developed. Meaning that the risks associated with her coming 3 weeks “early” are minimal and that the benefits of her remaining in utero for longer are also limited (e.g., additional weight gain). So the doctors will recommend getting her out to avoid the possibility of a problem with the placenta causing a problem – for me or for her – because she’s still in there.

Assuming we listen to what our doctors recommend (which we may very well do), then I will likely be induced on some scheduled date in the vicinity of 37 weeks gestation. No one has said that I can’t plan to deliver vaginally, but I believe that depending on a whole bunch of things (that we don’t know yet), I could be having a scheduled c-section. Only time will tell. For now, seems like induction for a vaginal delivery is a realistic hope.

In the version of my life where I got pregnant without medical help and didn’t have high-risk pregnancies, I would also be the person who went into labor on her own and got to experience childbirth naturally. But that choose your own adventure version got ix-nayed when I found a live mouse in the woodpile out in the pasture that one time. Or maybe it was when I decided to go to Taiwan to teach English after college graduation instead of becoming a manager at Walmart. Or maybe I was never going to get pregnant on my own and go into labor on my own no matter what.

Bottom line is that I’ve let go of that dream of getting to 40 weeks and going into labor on my own.

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One Response to 33w1d – Apr 17

  1. Carol says:

    You have much to think about. Thinking, it’s what you do. Among other things.


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