32w3d – Apr 12

For real, I need to stop expecting that my health care providers are going to remember anything about me from week to week.

Ultrasound today showed a fine looking BGL. Blood flows were not concerning. That’s about as positive as Dr. Wu gets.

My blood pressure was higher than they wanted it to be.

But let’s start at the beginning.

The woman – Chris or Kris or Chrys or some other spelling – who takes my blood pressure every single week asked at the beginning for me to confirm my date a birth. “I already know who you are, but I have to ask.”

Then, when my BP was 154/88, she asked me if my blood pressure is usually high.

Why, yes. Yes, it is. That’s how it is every week.

Then she said that they would have someone come in to do a manual reading. I told her that we do that every week.

Then the ultrasound. BGL moved and moved and moved. Enough that both I and the ultrasound tech commented on it. I told her I was going to count the ultrasound movement as meeting the threshold of good fetal movement for the day. She chuckled and agreed.

When she was leaving, she asked me – like they seem to ask every week – if I do my NSTs with them or at my OB.

“At my OB.”

“When was the last one?”


“And I assume it was fine?”

“Yes. It was fine.”

“I guess we would have heard if it wasn’t.”

I assume she’s right about that last statement. Because how would I know if there’s any communication going on between MFM and my OB?

“The doctor will be in soon.”

“I’ll be here.”

Dr. Wu came in several minutes later.

“We’re going to take your blood pressure again.”

“Yes. Yes, you are.”

Dr. Wu reported on the fine-ness of the ultrasound while my blood pressure was being taken.

And then the new BP result. 142/88.

I didn’t react. Sounded about normal to me.

Dr. Wu was less comfortable with the numbers.

(Please recall that Dr. Wu is the doctor who sent me to triage because of the combination of my elevated blood pressure and the small baby who didn’t do her own kick line during an ultrasound.)

She said, “Is your blood pressure usually high like this?”


I admit to being a little incredulous at her question. Could she not have looked at the weekly record of my BP before she came in the room?

She then asked about whether my OB is doing labs for pre-eclampsia. I thought about referring her to my blog entry for two days ago. Instead, I said, “Oh, yes. I get to fill a jug with pee soon.”

“I’m sorry,” she said. Perhaps she recognizes that all the paranoia about pre-eclampsia started with her.

She also asked if I have a BP cuff at home. I told her I do. For my wrist.

She said those aren’t as accurate, so they’ll call the pharmacy to get me a better one.

I can’t say that I see the value in taking my blood pressure at home. One doctor appreciated it. Another doctor said it was a waste of time. And given that my blood pressure has been elevated for coming up on two months without anything else developing as a result, I’m not sure what good it will do. I’m pretty certain I’ll still get asked the same questions at every appointment regardless. (Maybe it was mean to say that last part.)

We also discussed the acceptable-ness of my blood sugars.

Dr. Wu’s last question was about how many more weeks of ultrasounds I have scheduled. Until 38 or 39 weeks, I said. (Just like you told me to, I didn’t say out loud.) I was ready to leave so I didn’t ask her why she asked me that question. I’ll try not to let it keep me up at night.

Now that I’m home, I have heard from the pharmacy. Whatever my doctor called in isn’t covered by insurance, so I can just go buy something off the shelf. Not sure I’m going to follow through and get something.

The amount of money I want to spend on a blood pressure cuff surely isn’t enough money to get me something that will provide better readings than the wrist cuff we already have. So. Jury’s still out on that.

I am working on having a better attitude. The disconnect between my providers knowing me every time I come in but then knowing nothing about my “condition” (which is what they get paid for) is hard to stomach and makes the attitude adjustment necessary and more difficult at the same time. To say the least.

I called my sister while I drove home and told her all about my visit this morning. We had a good laugh. So it’s not like I’m angry. Mostly baffled and often frustrated. She suggested that I take someone with me to each appointment who will remind the staff at MFM and OB to please not ask me stupid questions. Come on, that would be fun and funny.

I could say I want this “nonsense” to be over, but that would mean BGL was compelled to show up early. And I don’t want that more than I don’t want to deal with the weekly nonsense.

So we deal.


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One Response to 32w3d – Apr 12

  1. Carol says:

    But Holy Cow. TIRESOME. And I’m thinking it would do no good to say anything to them. They already have an excuse. Like, charts? Oh, we don’t read those. It’s our policy.


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