31w6d – Apr 8

Pregnancy yoga gives me heartburn. 

I made pancakes for breakfast this morning. Haven’t done that since the gestational diabetes diagnosis. I slathered the two I ate in peanut butter. My blood sugar thanked me. My son also thanked me for making pancakes. He loves them. 

My blood sugar is high every time I eat a sandwich from Subway. But sometimes I just want a sandwich from Subway.

BGL is moving. I know I haven’t mentioned it lately. 

It’s been over a week now that I haven’t taken Diclegis. No vomiting and no nausea are great symptoms. 

On the other hand, lower back pain is not fun. It’s on the right side. I sometimes yelp from the discomfort. I also limp. Good times. 

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One Response to 31w6d – Apr 8

  1. Carol says:

    What fun you’ll have reading this to BGL, as you reassure her that you loved every minute of it.


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