31w4d – Apr 6

I had no doctor appointments today. Must mean there’s nothing to say.

Just kidding! I always have something to say.

I was really really really wanting a hamburger, so my dear husband went to Five Guys and got me one. And he brought home with him a bunch of peanuts. You know the ones they have at Five Guys. I cannot express how much I enjoy those peanuts. I could go to Five Guys just for the peanuts (and the grape Powerade Zero).

Speaking of. I really enjoy grape Powerade Zero. At least as a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes.

I also like an occasional diet cherry limeade from Sonic.

My nighttime snack today (and these days) is 5 Ritz crackers slathered in crunchy peanut butter and topped with a hunk of 70% cacao chocolate bar. It’s probably 17 or 18 carbs. I’m supposed to have 15 for my nighttime snack, but I live on the wild side in the evenings. Tonight, I even indulged in a can of diet A&W root beer.

When my gestational diabetes is over, I would really like a peanut buster parfait from Dairy Queen. I would also like some Carmen and David’s black raspberry oreo ice cream. I would like to eat a yummy brownie. Like a really yummy one. And I would like some sort of heavenly chocolate and peanut butter dessert of some kind.

But desserts are just part of what I would like. I would like some pasta. You know, good pasta.

And how about indulging in a bagel or a delicious croissant. I would like to do that.

Or how about this crazy thought. How about eating without thinking about how many grams or carbs or fat or protein are even in my food? That will be fun to do again.

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One Response to 31w4d – Apr 6

  1. Carol says:

    Pretty much all sounds good to me.


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